Facebook entries #4 after Kaitlyn died

Thankfully, I have found a way to retrieve all of the FB entries by Kaitlyn’s friends after she died. I’m now working on copying and pasting them to my Word on my computer. Then I will print them out and put them in a notebook. (I thought I had already done this, but had not. It’s the emails and private messages I did this with about her). This is also therapeutic for me. I want you to see what her friends said about her:

I have just heard the most horrific news. Someone who was incredibly close to me, Kaitlyn Elkins. A brilliant artist, a talented writer, a recent graduate of medical school, took her own life, much to the astonishment and horror of all who knew her. There is a hole in me that will never close. (by Craig. Note, she was not graduated from med school yet). 4-13-13

to Kaitlyn: you were the smartest, most talented person i’ve ever known. it is an honor to be able to say that i grew up with you, went to school with you, was in band with you, was stuck in the slow learning freshman history class with you (even though we were way too smart for it), was a chark (chicken shark) for you, and most importantly had art classes with you. i’m sorry that we grew apart in the past few years, but i am SO glad that i saw you a few months ago, and talked to you a few days ago. i love you, and i hope you are at peace now. the world (and BEEF) won’t be the same without you. (by Casey 4-13-13)

I know from personal experience that depression can be a living hell. Your perception of reality can be turned inside out and you can feel completely lost and alone in a room full of people who love you.

No matter how hard it is, try to reach out and ask for help. Even if you don’t know what you need, ask anyway.

Though I never knew Kaitlyn in person, but she’s been on the periphery of my facebook friends for years, originally through Craig. I knew she was doing well with medical school and she seemed to be forging ahead with her dreams. Nothing makes sense when someone like that takes their own life. (by Paul 4-13-13)

I never met Kaitlyn in person, but counted her as a friend. She helped me grow and to believe in myself. I’d like her family to know that she touched many lives and will never be forgotten. (by Heather 4-13-13)

the world will surely miss possibly the brightest most creative and intellectual mnd it has ever seen. my thoughts are with her family.. (by Nikki 4-13-13)

Just found out that one of oír fellow classmates had passed away yesterday due to depression, which caused her to take her own life. Words cant express how i feel. Kaitlyn Elkins was such a smart young women who had a lot going for herself. U will b missed. (by Rhonda C. 4-13-13)

you were my best friend. Every day, you inspired me to be better than I am. I was lucky to have you in my life. I miss you. I love you.

This hurts. But the idea of never having known you feels much worse. (by Neal 4-13-13)

You are one of the most intelligent and talented people that I have ever known, and you have always been in my thoughts when I think about Physics Lab, POMS, and medical school. You’re missed, friend. (by Aaron F. 4-13-13)

RIP Kaitlyn Elkins! You were such a sweet, amazing person and a patient, thorough lab partner. I remember you being so excited when you got into medical school, the world lost a great person and we lost a fellow camel. (by Erin 4-13-13)

we miss you, friend, and are so very thankful that our lives were touched by yours. You left us way too soon. (by Aaron F. 4-13-13)

Rest in peace Kaitlyn you had such a beautiful spirit. (by Virginia 4-13-13)

You will be missed kaitlyn, it was an honor to work with you at POMS. You are the sweetest and a very bright girl who was always smiling. You’ve touched many lives. Your family is in my prayers. (by Jessica 4-13-13)

“To live in the hearts of those we leave behind is to never die.” Goodbye, my friend. I’ll leave the Scrabble board out. (by Nick 4-13-13)

Everyone please keep my family in your prayers. We’ve lost one of the most beautiful and talented people I’ve ever known, my cousin, Kaitlyn Elkins. Kaitlyn you are missed so much, and we would do anything to bring you back. It just doesn’t seem real and nothing will be the same without you. It was always us four: me, Kyle Kyle Elkins, Stephanie Alford, and you. Maybe someday we’ll all be together again…we love you Katie Bear. R.I.P Kaitlyn. (by Erika 4-13-13)

Kaitlyn, you’re a strong-willed woman, confident, smart, and inviting. I will carry the inspiration from your fortitude with me, and I will miss you. (by Tevan 4-13-13)

Rest in peace Kaitlyn Elkins, you left us far too soon. I pray that you find the peace that you sought here on Earth and offer my prayers and condolences to your family and friends that you left behind. (by Scott 4-13-13)

Keep your friends close, for you do not know the time nor day that they will be taken from you. I am absolutely shocked. RIP Kaitlyn Elkins

You were so close to finishing medical school, and you were so excited to be getting into fantastic shape from your countless runs and dieting. I have no idea yet as to what ended your life, but I hope you went peacefully. I love you. (by Joshua 4-13-13)

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My name is Rhonda. I'm a registered nurse, for the last 20 years, that has not been able to work since the day I learned of my daughter's death by suicide 4-12-13. (She actually died 4-11-13 and her body was not found until the 12th) Me and my husband have been married for 32 years and he's a wonderful man. We grieve in different ways. He works, I write. This is my journey through this horrible land of losing a child..
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