I Think of You at Night

I Think of You at Night

I think of you at night,
I think of you in golden light,
Your memories all linger still
Out on the grass from my window sill.

I see you as you played,
Swinging to the sky above,
Your blonde hair in the shining light,
Your fair skin that I so loved.

And I did understand
Why you couldn’t stay and play,
I guess they all have to grow up
And eventually go away.

I think of you at night,
I see you in the moonlit sky,
Staring up into the starry night,
Waiting for that next shooting star to fly.

Memories of you still, football games
And marching bands,
Poetry and a painter’s brush
All the things you made by hand.

And I did understand
Why you couldn’t stay with me
And still give me all these memories
But I had to set you free.

I think of you at night
I see you in your bright white coat
See you with your eyes aglow
At the future that you had.

Memories of you still,
Testing scores and stethoscopes
Paintings hanging on your wall
In a room your spirit filled.

Now I don’t understand.
Why you couldn’t stay with me,
Why you thought your life did not seem to be
A place that you could stand.

I see you in the night,
Hanging pictures of abandoned dreams
Furniture and many pretty things
Are all you left behind.

Memories of you still,
Your magnificence and iron will,
Your sweetness and your gentle soul,
Why did you have to go?

And I don’t understand,
Why you had to say to me
In a note that said you weren’t meant to be
And carried out your untold plan.

I see you in the night
I see you walking out of sight
Into a mist of midnight blue
From a world not meant for someone
As beautiful as you.


About gatito2

My name is Rhonda. I'm a registered nurse, for the last 20 years, that has not been able to work since the day I learned of my daughter's death by suicide 4-12-13. (She actually died 4-11-13 and her body was not found until the 12th) Me and my husband have been married for 32 years and he's a wonderful man. We grieve in different ways. He works, I write. This is my journey through this horrible land of losing a child..
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5 Responses to I Think of You at Night

  1. gatito2 says:

    Reblogged this on My Bright Shining Star and commented:

    Just wanted to share this again. It is her.


  2. gatito2 says:

    Thank you.


  3. Rhonda, that is so beautiful! I read it to my 16 year old daughter. She and her sister lost a close friend to suicide, and I lost a beloved teenage patient to suicide, and your blog has been such a comfort.


  4. gatito2 says:

    Thank you so much. I hope my blog helps and knowing it provides comfort to others comforts me as well.


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